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Richard Fernandez Ancheta - oil portrait on canvas - artist oil painting portrait, self portrait with calligraphy artist crest, painting nebula with sun, earth, moon and stars decorations.

Bonjour, bienvenue !, voici quelques projets et recherches en cours.

Greetings, thank you for your visit, herewith are some of my best portrait paintings, projects and design innovations.


Richard Fernandez Ancheta - oil portrait on canvas - self portrait - Filipino-Canadian portrait artist, portrait painter, portrait artist, creative designer, airbrush artist -, title: Earth Day, Saint Patick Day.

Earth Day

The season of climate change and supporting our planet of planting trees and crops.


Richard Fernandez Ancheta - oil portrait on canvas - self portrait - Canadian portrait artist, portrait painter, portrait artist, creative designer, airbrush artist -

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Richard Fernandez Ancheta - oil portrait on canvas - self portrait - Canadian portrait artist, portrait painter, portrait artist, creative designer, airbrush artist -

Bunk Bed Design and Murals


Table Tennis

Lawn Tennis


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Justin Trudeau- Prime Minister of Canada - Oil Portrait by Richard Fernandez Ancheta - Montreal.

Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
Oil Portrait

Portraiture and figurative are the genres of art painting, the highest level of technical drawings. Rendering in a precise process of sketches to capture the models likeness, measurements and proportions are required to mold in different tones and values of the model. Drawing the figure, the head and face, the difficulty of anatomies are keenly observed. The delicate study of eyes, nose, lips, ears and facial features are detailed.

Renowned portraits are captured and construct in the pyramid or triangular composition, the posture bear its beautiful rhythms and directional block-in are best designs in portraiture. Using gray board as the neutrals and the mid-tone blending harmonies. Drawing with the drybrush technique, charcoal for shades and depth, the white charcoals for accents, back lights and high lights.

Prince Harry and Meghan - charcoal portraits by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.

Prince Harry and Meghan
Charcoal Portraits - fusain 20x16

Oil Portrait

Carey Price - Oil Portrait by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.

Carey Price
Oil Portrait on Canvas

Portrait Design

Celine Dion - Art Nouveau Oil Portrait  with vignette, portraiture with gold by Richard Ancheta - Montreal

Art Nouveau Oil Portrait

Classical Oil Portraits are rendered in multiple layers of painting, the chiaroscuro technique is define to reinvent opacity and glazing textures, forming the tangible planes of the delicate surface of the face and figures. With the density of light bathing, the treatment of casting shade and shadows are complementary that gives its full life effects.


Turning ordinary painted walls
to an extraordinary and classic Interior Decoration
with the


Yellow Sienna Marble - Faux  Finish Oil PaintingAlabaster Faux Finish on AcrylicCipollino Green Marble Faux Finish

Marbling metallic golds and silvers on a black countertops
coated with a thick acrylic epoxy resin.

More with Artistic Metallic Epoxy Countertops...



Moose - oil painting, moose art by Richard Ancheta.

oil painting on canvas

The moose is largest member of the deer family Cervidae, it is found in the eastern Canada. Moose is a massive animal bull in full spread broad of antler, spoon-shaped spiked measuring around 6 ft., moose are found principally in moist woods of willows, poplars and birch, they also wade into lakes to feed on such aquatic plants and water lilies.

L'orignal vit près de l'eau et se nourrit de plantes qui poussent dans le lit des lacs et des rivières. Lorsqu'il est surpris par un prédateur, il se réfugie dans l'eau et peut nager sur de longues distances.



Richard Fernandez Ancheta,, triple self-portrait avec la fleur de lys - charcoal portrait, portrait au fusain, portrait artist -  Montreal.

Triple self-portrait avec la fleur de lys
charcoal drawing -portrait au fusain