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Richard Ancheta - Portraits, Murals, Decoration, Animal Painting, Illustrations and Web Design - Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Bonjour, thank you for your visit, herewith are some of best portrait reproductions, and I enhance the style of composition of every models.


Taylor Swift - Charcoal Portrait by Richard Ancheta - Montreal

Taylor Swift
Portrait au fusain

Alexander Ovechkin Mural Hockey Portrait by Richard Ancheta - Montreal

Alexander Ovechkin
Mural Hockey Portrait


President Bill Clinton - Charcoal Portrait by Richard Ancheta

President Bill Clinton
Charcoal Portrait


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One Point Perspective

Wine Cellar - Tuscan Vineyard - Mural Painting by Richaqrd Ancheta - Montreal

Wine Cellar
Tuscan Vineyard
Trompe-l'œil Mural Painting




Justin Trudeau - Charcoal Portrait by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.

Justin Trudeau
Charcoal Portrait

Portraiture and figurative are the genres of art painting, the highest level of technical drawings. Rendering in a precise process of sketches to capture the models likeness, measurements and proportions are required to mold in different tones and values of the model. Drawing the figure, the head and face, the difficulty of anatomies are keenly observed. The delicate study of eyes, nose, lips, ears and facial features are detailed.

Renowned portraits are captured and construct in the pyramid or triangular composition, the posture bear its beautiful rhythms and directional block-in are best designs in portraiture. Using gray board as the neutrals and the mid-tone blending harmonies. Drawing with the drybrush technique, charcoal for shades and depth, the white charcoals for accents, back lights and high lights.

Prince Harry and Meghan - charcoal portraits by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.

Prince Harry and Meghan
Charcoal Portraits - fusain 20x16




Mural painting Kate Winslet portrait by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.

Kate Winslet
Mural Acrylic Painting
Mural painting of Michael Jordan by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.

Michael Jordan
Mural Oil Painting
Portraits design for murals are custom-made, enlarge for the decoration particular mural theme - interior and exterior.



Carey Price - Oil Portrait by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.

Carey Price
Oil Portrait on Canvas

Classical Oil Portraits are rendered in multiple layers of painting, the chiaroscuro technique is define to reinvent opacity and glazing textures, forming the tangible planes of the delicate surface of the face and figures. With the density of light bathing, the treatment of casting shade and shadows are complementary that gives its full life effects.



Richard Ancheta - Seascape Mural Painting - Montreal-

Seascape painting, a work of art which depicts the sea, a scene of marine art. Seascapes, with blue skies, high mountains and astonishing waterfalls

The word originated as a formation from landscape, which was first used of images of land in art. By a similar development, "seascape" has also come to mean actual views of the sea itself, and to be applied in planning contexts to geographical locations possessing a good view of the sea.

SALON des ONGLES & SPA - Seascape Mural Painting - Montreal



Mural Painting - Montreal - Archery Forest Landsce Painting by Richard Ancheta

Combat d'Archers - Archery Dodge-ball Montreal - mural 75'x14'

A theme of forest panoramic view is the best scenario visuals for the interior decoration of sports showroom. It gives the viewers energy, some colors like greens, misty colors are expressive, healthy and energetic. Designing this mural is derive from reference photo with the rules of thirds, rhythm composition, color theory - cool versus hot and fractal details.


Toucan - Decorative Bird Painting

Toucan Painting by Richard Ancheta - Montreal Toucan Painting by Richard Ancheta - Montreal

Toucan - one of the most beautiful exotic birds In the world, they are brightly marked and have large colorful bills. Perfect decorations for living room, in the kitchen and bathroom.


Turning ordinary painted walls
to an extraordinary and classic Interior Decoration
with the


Yellow Sienna Marble - Faux  Finish Oil PaintingAlabaster Faux Finish on AcrylicAzul Bahia Granite Faux Finish

The classic decoration of champagne mist, gold and silver versus the clarity and pureness of whites. Graceful as it is glamorous, metallic offers the luxurious shimmer and added the dimension of elegance that comes from overlapping of glazes of metallics. A simple creative faux finish technique can create a classic stair, walls, dining room and unique kitchen walls.

Metallic Walls - Decorative faux finish painting by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.