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Richard Ancheta - Portraits, Murals, Decoration, Animal Painting, Illustrations and Web Design - Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Greetings to everybody, thank you for the visit, some of my paintings and crafts are available at my
Art Shop.

Featured Painting:

Taylor Swift - Charcoal Portrait by Richard Ancheta - Montreal

Taylor Swift
Portrait fusain

Alexander Ovechkin
Mural Hockey Portrait

Alexander Ovechkin
Mural Hockey Portrait


President Bill Clinton - Charcoal Portrait by Richard Ancheta

President Bill Clinton
Charcoal Portrait


Wine Cellar - Tuscan Vineyard - Mural Painting

Wine Cellar
Tuscan Vineyard
Trompe-l'il Mural Painting


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Pussy Cats


Walking around the cat show and vendor's area, I came across
the fabulous paintings of Richard Ancheta. He works in oils, and his paintings are truly wonderful.

Beautiful, vibrant, rich colours! This is an artist who understands and knows how to use colour!



Portraiture and figurative are the genres of art painting, the highest level of technical drawings. Rendering in a precise process of sketches to capture the models likeness, measurements and proportions are required to mold in different tones and values of the model.

Drawing the figure, the head and face, the difficulty of anatomies are keenly observed. The delicate study of eyes, nose, lips, ears and facial features are detailed.

Justin Trudeau - Charcoal Portrait by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.

Justin Trudeau
Charcoal Portrait


Portraits design for murals are custom-made, enlarge for the decoration particular mural theme - interior and exterior.

Mural painting Kate Winslet by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.

Kate Winslet
Mural Acrylic Painting

Mural painting of Michael Jordan by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.

Michael Jordan
Mural Oil Painting



Carey Price - Oil Portrait by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.

Carey Price
Oil Portrait on Canvas

Classical Oil Portraits are rendered in multiple layers of painting, the chiaroscuro technique is define to reinvent opacity and glazing textures, forming the tangible planes of the delicate surface of the face and figures. With the density of light bathing, the treatment of casting shade and shadows are complementary that gives its full life effects.



" I like a painting of sun, it's a good luck for my business... I like seascapes,
with blue skies, high mountains and astonishing waterfalls...
and you will paint it as a mural background in my salon..."

" I told to my client,
in the count of seven,
my magic brush will reveal your wish!!! "

SALON des ONGLES & SPA - Seascape Mural Painting - Montreal

Richard Ancheta - Seascape Mural Painting - Montreal- www.RichardAncheta.c0m



A theme of forest panoramic view is the best scenario visuals for the interior decoration of sports showroom. It gives the viewers energy, some colors like greens, misty colors are expressive, healthy and energetic. Designing this mural is derive from reference photo with the rules of thirds, rhythm composition, color theory - cool versus hot and fractal details.

Mural Painting - Montreal - Archery Forest Landsce Painting - Richard Ancheta

Combat d'Archers - Archery Dodgeball Montreal - mural 75'x14'


"Toucan - Decorative Bird Painting "

"Toucan - one of the most beautiful exotic birds In the world, they are brightly marked and have large colorful bills.

Toucan Painting by Richard Ancheta - Montreal


Toucan Painting by Richard Ancheta - Montreal


Turning ordinary painted walls
to an extraordinary and classic Interior Decoration
with the


The Art of Faux Finish

The classic decoration of champagne mist, gold and silver versus the clarity and pureness of whites. Graceful as it is glamorous, metallic offers the luxurious shimmer
and added the dimension
of elegance that
comes from overlapping
of glazes of metallics.
A simple creative faux finish technique can create a
classic stair, walls,
dining room and
unique kitchen

Metallic Waslls - Decorative faux finish painting.




Au sujet l'Artiste

Richard Ancheta commence à peindre à douze ans. Il entreprend alors de suivre les cours avec de célèbres artistes et illustrateurs de son pays d’origine, les Philippines.

Avec grande passion et ouverture, il étudie le design multimédia à l’Académie internationale du design de Montréal, Québec, Canada. Ces oeuvres (des huiles, des acryliques, des aquarelles, des pastels et des fusains) ont ete publiès dans des journaux, des magazines et des livres.

Cet artistes est riche de ses vingt ans de carrière dans les domaines de la peinture, de l’illustration, de la publicité et de l’art graphique.

About the Artist

Richard Ancheta first began to paint at the age of 12 years old and took painting lessons with well known Filipino artist and illustrators.

His devotion and vision as an artist are promising. He studied Multimedia Design at Montreal International Academy of Design in Quebec, Canada. Richard works in various mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel and charcoal. His works have been featured in newspapers, magazines and books.

He boast 20 years of experience in painting, illustration, advertising and graphic designing.


Festival Montréal en Arts
Open Air Gallery
Sainte-Catherine St., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Salon National Des Animaux de Compagnie
Stade Olympique de Montréal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Festival International EXPOART
Jacques-Cartier Pier, Old Port of Montreal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal Dragon Boat Festival

Parc Jean-Drapeau
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal International Dog Show

United Kennel Club
Place Bonaventure
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal International Cat Show
Place Bonaventure
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Hi Richard, the painting is super I love it but I just want to be sure that my daughter has the brown's eye and not blue, I would like to make a painting of my parents too, can you give me a quotation for oil painting and acrylic Lyne Desy, Montreal

Mr. Ancheta , thank you for mural paintings, it was very professional and well done, more contracts for you that will come very soon. Aziz

Mr. Richard Ancheta, gorgeous oil painting, I will hung the two paintings at the living room, my mother like it, 'will visit your gallery again next summer, Mark Hochberg, New York

Dear Mr. Ancheta,
Your art is unique, your paintings are very colourful, and I received the fish painting today, thanks!
Beth Windsor, Orleans Ontario

Hello Richard, the painting was fantastic, we love your rooster, and we're coming back to your gallery to buy the pig paintings. Thank you for the very nice packaging. Robert and Teri Harris, Wilton Connecticut.


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